Optismart Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd

We are a start-up aiming towards becoming SOCIAL ENTERPRISE that provides SOCIO- ECONOMIC solutions for problem in the field of Sanitation and hygiene. Our approach is more holistic in providing complete solution to counter the challenges faced in field of sanitation, hygiene and waste management.
Incepted in October 2019 we have persistently been working on innovation in the field of sanitation and waste management. Our journey till date has made us come across many challenges faced in the mentioned field and we strongly believe we will deliver industry first solutions to counter the issues faced currently.



We at OPTISMART ECO SOLUTIONS have made our effort to come up with a solution considering all the above discussed issues in providing a more effective sanitation solution. We call is the EZZY POT AND EZZY LOO.

Optismart Ezzy Loo Installation

Installation As Easy As Installing A Washing Machine.


  • It is a complete toilet appliance.
  • It is compact and modular so it can be even installed in small spaces.


For installation we just need to connect ½ inchfresh water supply, 1 inch waste water pipe and 12v SMPS. You have a functioning EZZY-LOO ready.That’s why we say installation is as easy as installing.a washing machine. The flushing is done by a flushing motor which can flush waste 100ft away and can also flush waste reverse up to 10 ft.

Ezzy Loo Onsite Installation

Installation As Easy As Installing A Washing Machine.